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Reliance Solicitors are an extended established firm of solicitors, lawyers, paralegals, solicitor advocates and consultants based in the heart of the East London. The firm has a well-built standing with revolutionary, vibrant, client focused legal experts, who are specialists in their fields and offer advanced client maintain from open to end.

As the requirement for our services has improved the firm has also grown to meet up that claim while maintaining our philosophy and strengths. We have developed a team of, Solicitors,  consultants, paralegal and advocates who take pride in providing efficient resolutions to legal issues and high quality representation. We take pride in providing a quality service and independent bodies to ensure we maintain those standards have assessed our standards.

Why Reliance Solicitors

We specialise in Immigration Law, Family Law, Commercial Law, Civil Litigation Commercial Convayncing, Landlord and Tenant, Driving Offences and Personal Injury. Our highly experienced team with a proven record always helps clients all across the UK. Our client’s feedback and reviews are always in our favour just because of the excellent services provided by us.

Practice Areas

Civil Litigation

This is said that civil litigation is the “sport of…


Clinical Negligence

All clinical practitioners must have a duty of care that…


Commercial Conveyancing

Our solicitors have the experience to offer sensible advice in…


Commercial Law

Reliance Solicitors offer an exclusive and inclusive service for business…


Commissioners For Oaths

In UK law, a Commissioner for Oaths is a person…


Driving Offences

Numerous of the more harsh driving offences can result in…


Family Law

Our specialist solicitors in family law have been providing support…


Immigration Law

The team of Reliance Solicitors keeps practice for a long…


Landlord & Tenants

Reliance Solicitors is a highly celebrated eviction cases covering England…


Personal Injury

To claim compensation for a personal injury caused by an…


What We do

We’r here to help you when you need Any Help

Reliance Solicitors is a recognised law firm based in Essex and London. Our wide range of expertise means that we can provide support for our clients in all areas of their personal or private life and commercial areas. Many of our experts are heads in their field and our practice areas are highly positioned by the legal indexes.

We are known for united original solutions with practicality and a responsive, insightful approach. The relationship between our team and clients is solution. We work hard to match clients with our legal experts who have the right join of skills, practice and move towards in order to attain the best possible conclusion.

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