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Reliance Solicitors is a highly celebrated eviction cases covering England and Wales. We are a private law firm specialising in helping landlords evict surplus tenants, as well as recovering rent arrears.

The number of properties that you own is insignificant, we delight ourselves in treating every case, regardless of size, with the efficiency and attention it deserves. We act for private and corporate landlords, letting agents, local authorities and housing associations, providing solutions to tenant problems and putting procedures into place to avoid the same issues arising again.

We take the pressure away from you – evicting your tenant has never been easier.

Property Evictions

Notice of intent

We are able to give a precautionary Notice Of Intent to tenants once they are 1 month (4 weeks) in arrears. This serves as a ultimate warning to the said tenant that, as soon as they are in arrears for 2 months (8 weeks), then legal notice will be served up. Reliance Solicitor can report an outstanding rate of sensation with this notice, the majority of cases being matured before legal notice is prepared.

A Notice Of Intent would proceed as a warning to your tenant before you serve them notices under Section 8 or Section21 and, therefore, gives your tenant sufficient time to resolve the unpaid monies. Once a Notice Of Intent has been handed out, it is then up to your tenant to pay the outstanding amount before the debt enhances. If your tenant still not succeed to pay the balance to you then, as soon as they are in arrears for 2 months (or 8 weeks) you would carry on to Evict My Tenant.

Tenant in Arrear

If your tenant is in arrears with rent for more than 2 months then hand out them notice now to start the legal retrieve process. If your tenant in arrears with their rent and you need your property vacated. We will deal with this for you and take away the anxiety of eviction and pursue unpaid monies by calling us, providing us all the copies of your tenancy agreement including the details of arrears.

We will then be able to serve the related notice to your tenant under Section 8 or under Section 21 or Notice to Quit. In most cases, this is the only action required to correct the issue you have with your tenant.

How to Evict my tenant

If you need to evict your tenant then We will organize, manage and put into practice the eviction notice and possession order for you. Reliance Solicitor can take the nervous tension of eviction problems away from you.

If you have completed the process Tenant In Arrears and your tenant has not yet evacuated your property or deal with the outstanding monies, you will need to commence the procedure of eviction as soon as possible. We will proceed on your behalf through.

(a) obtaining a possession order. We will apply to the courts for proceedings to be issued against your tenant.

(b) a court date is arranged for the hearing (normally 6-10 weeks following).

(c) we will attend the court hearing on your behalf and obtain the court order.

(d) once the court order for eviction is made, your tenant has 14 days to leave the property and pay arrears.

The huge mainstreams of tenants resolve and vacate at this stage. However, there are always exceptions and the marginal of tenants decline to adhere to the law. If you find yourself in this uneven situation we advise you to relapse to Remove My Tenant. Please note that if we proceed under a Section 21 notice, there is no requirement for a court hearing. The situation is resolved very speedily.

Procedure of County Court Bailiff

The tenants who believe they are above the law and, apart from of any legal papers you serve them, will refuse to move. Remove the tenant is the final step in the justifyprocess.

We will arrange for the Court Bailiffs on your instructions to issue a warrant for possession of the property and to remove the tenant. This will leave you with an empty property without exception that you can then re-let or sell.

There are however times when moneys are still outstanding. For this trouble we offer a tenant tracing service to put the tenant once they have left the property.

How the order be transfer to High Court Sharif

There is also possibility to demand that a judge transfer the order to the High Court for enforcement by a High Court Enforcement Officer under a writ of possession under Section 42 of the County Court Act 1984. It is significant that the order is made correctly and the right wording utilized. If you are owed rent, you can also affix a claim for money to the possession order.

The advantage of using the High Court Sheriffs is that they can act very hastily to perform the writ and return your property to you.

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